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“Before you, my breast cancer treatment could not be fully regulated due to conflicting pathology results in three different places. Thanks to you, my pathology became clear. You have been very useful not only for my Oncology doctors but also for me to understand the disease. You have patiently told me many times. Thank you very much, so glad you are."

N.S., 45 Y, F

NS, 45 y, F


Although we have lived abroad for years, we prefer to solve all our health problems in our country during our holidays. Biopsies for my thyroid nodule could not be diagnosed every time I came back for two years. After our meeting with you, we learned that you can also be present during the biopsy and do a quick test. I got my diagnosis at once this time and my  treatment finally started. Thank you very much for your attention, patience and help.

JB, 32 y, M


We live outside of Turkey. We came to Ankara because of very long appointment periods for my wife's stomach complaints. Here, unfortunately, tumor was suspected on endoscopy. The type of cancer could not be determined in the first biopsies. For this reason, we came to you with the advice of our doctors. We have learned from you that sometimes the diagnosis of cancer cannot be made by looking at the microscope only and more tested may be required on tissues. In the following 3 days, we got our exact diagnosis  that it is a rare type of cancer. We started our treatment and got cured. Fortunately we had a chance to find you.

AK, 36 y, F

Clear Eyes

I am from a different nationality and not living in Turkey. I have sent my tissue samples to you and had a diagnosis that I could rely on. But I could not understand the details in the report and wanted to meet you. You eased the process by arranging a video-meeting and clearing my mind on my disease. I will always remember what you mentioned: "Pathologists give diagnosis of your tissue samples. Most probably, you even didn’t know their existence until you needed to try to understand pathology report of yours or a loved one. Just keep in mind, if you have difficulty in understanding your disease, you can simply make an appointment to see your pathologist just like doctors from other specialities". Thank you for everything.

WJ, 43 y, M

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